Thanks to our Sponsors for making our event: AN EVENING OF HOPE & CELEBRATION, a huge success.

Our Foundation Event on Friday 4/5/13 was a great success. We will now be able to make this an annual event.

We could not have made this advancement without the generous support of our sponsors.   Please join us in thanking all of them.


C & T Design and Equipment
Complete Pharmacy Solutions
Health Care Management Group
One Source Employee Management
University of Cincinnati


Brookwood Retirement Community
Cincinnati Reds Community Fund
Clovernook Healthcare Pavilion
Covenant Village
Creative Dimensions
Dinsmore & Shohl
Ellenbee Leggett
Florence Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
General Electric
Hospice of Southwest
Loveland Health Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Ohio Ambulance
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Szecskay


Allan Acheson
Patti Acheson
Phil Altieri
American Mobil X-Ray
Elizabeth Arend
Matt Arend
Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Tracy Beasley
Deborah Bisel
Steve Boback
Borden Dairy
The Brickman Group
Dee Brown
Tim Brown
Priscilla Burt
Julie Camele
Cheering for Charity
Cheesecake Factory
Clear Channel
Dr. Robert Cluxton
Vanessa Cooke
Mike Cooney
Mike Clyde
Robert Copeland
Nate Cremer
Hep Cronin
Dr. Andrew Cusher
Jeff Custis
Jocelyn DeMars
Donald Dunn
Sandy Eichert
Lori Erdman
Mike Erdman
Express Ltd.
Jeff Fabe
Marge Fabe
Sharon Fender
Les Finn
Mary Finn
Charlie Fisher
Jorell Flora
Chris Flora
Brian Foreman
Chris Foster
Tami Frisk
David Garst
Lisa Garst
Mike Gibson
John Graham
Michele Gravens
Andrew Gray
Camille Green
Bonnie Greenwood
Jim Greenwood
Mike Groh
Stephanie Griffin
H&M Company
Tom Hammons
Jim Harjo
Jeanne Harjo
Ann Heider
Tim Heider
Brian Horn
Michelle Huber
Lisa Hungler
Brett Kissela, MD
Dotsy Klei
Peter Klei
Marvin Knobloch
Tom Koeninger
Paula Kollstedt
Clare Logan
Greg Miller
Irene Moore
Amy Mullowney
John Mullowney
Chasity Mason
Jeff McClorey
Tracy McClorey
Megan McGowan
Jennifer Molano, MD
Mark Morton
Sherre Paolello
Jon Rarick
Red Dog Pet Resort
Keith Reeb
Sam’s Club
Tony Savicki
Steve Schaefer
Tonya Schaeffer
Renea Scherpenberg
Julie Schoepf
Jill Scherff
Chris Scherff
Dr Andrea Schmerler
Joe Schnirring
Lynn Schnirring
Sharon Sheets
Marilyn Slone
Ron Slone
Phil Sharp
Rene’ Sharp
Stan Silverman
Jeff Smith
John Spinney
Frieda Stamper
Andy Stroehlein
Nancy Tebbe
Steve Tebbe
Tom Vaughn
Ellen Verville
Tim Verville
Tori Verville
Matthew Watkins
Gina Weitzel
Mark Wellinghoff
Rita Wellinghoff
Tim Wright
Wendy Wright
Nancy Zarick
Marty Ziegler
Jane Zopff