Alzheimer’s Toll Continues to Rise as Research Reveals Startling New Facts on the Disease’s Death Rate

A new study has revealed that there are more uncounted victims of Alzheimer’s disease than previously expected. While experts have already known that Alzheimer’s disease ravages the brain and robs the brain of its basic ability to function, this new study has revealed that this condition can be blamed for more deaths than previously imagined, putting it right under heart disease and cancer in terms of the most deadly disease in the United States. Heart disease was blamed for nearly 600,000 deaths in 2010 and cancer was responsible for 575,000.

The new study, published earlier this year in the Neurology Journal by researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago, revealed that the number of deaths actually attributed to Alzheimer’s could be up to six times higher than experts previously thought. The numbers from the study have been startling to researchers, as it revealed that as many as 500,000 were killed by Alzheimer’s disease in 2010 alone. This makes the condition as deadly as cancer. Original numbers estimated that Alzheimer’s disease was responsible for 83,000 fatalities in 2010, meaning the number calculated from the new study is more than six times the amount as originally assumed.

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