Arthritis Drug Could Potentially Slow the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease- Study

Scientists at the University of Southampton conducted a small control study with a group of 41 patients exhibiting mild or moderate Alzheimer’s, giving them either the anti-inflammatory drug Etanercept or a placebo every week over a period of six months.Each patient was then assessed for memory function, efficiency of day-to-day activities and behaviour and the symptoms of those who had taken the Etanercept did not get any worse, while those on the placebo showed signs of decline.

Professor Clive Holmes, who led the study and presented the results at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Denmark today said the results were better than his team expected but would need to be tested on a larger scale.He said: “We have shown that using Etanercept in patients who have Alzheimer’s disease would be safe and has positive outcomes after six months. However this is a small study and should now be tested in a larger clinical trial.” –

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