Can alternative remedies treat Alzheimer’s disease?

My dad has this horrible disease, Alzheimer’s. The big, strong, funny father I once knew is not here any more. Alzheimer’s has turned him into a scared, paranoid, wandering, skinny, shell of a man,’ says Angel about her 69-year-old father.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder that destroys memory, and affects logical thinking and language ability. Generally affecting the elderly, it is a disorder that tears apart their lives and the lives of their family. Unfortunately, there is no cure to date for Alzheimer’s. Symptoms are treated with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and glutamate receptor antagonist. So, researchers and medical fraternity are actively searching for new approaches to Alzheimer’s treatment.
Whatever the approach, the following factors need to be targeted –
•Metabolic deficiencies associated with Alzheimer’s causing plaques and tangles that destroy brain cells
•Vitamin deficiencies
•Synaptic failure which causes cognitive disturbance

Therefore, any treatment needs to consider generation of new synaptic membranes, and address metabolic and genetic nutritional impairments.

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