Alzheimer’s Disease Breakthrough Developments

New breakthrough developments have surfaced for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. According to Herald Tribune Health, Daniel Paris, a scientist with the Roskamp Institute stated researchers with Roskamp may have found an enzyme which controls symptoms related to Alzheimer’s Disease. If these researchers can further develop a drug which turns this enzyme off, they believe certain symptoms related to Alzheimer’s Disease may shut down too.

Barbara Peters Smith of Herald Tribune stated the number of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can skyrocket as the baby boom generation ages over the next 35 years. Developments to aid in the treatment of this neurodegenerative disorder had appeared to come to a halt until recent developments began again.

Recently, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for a discovery regarding brain function. These scientists included John O’Keefe and Mr. and Mrs. Edvard Moser, who both reportedly followed up on research performed by O’Keefe from 1971, according to Crystal Boulware of Guardian Liberty Voice. The follow-up research led to what the Mosers referred to as the “inner GPS” or how cells in the brain work with memory to help people navigate.