Glen Campbell Documentary Strikes Chord on Alzheimer’s

In the new documentary film “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” local producer/director James Keach chronicles the former Malibu resident and Rhinestone Cowboy’s struggles with Alzheimer’s disease as he plays more than 150 concerts for his “Goodbye Tour” in the U.S., Australia and Europe.

“We thought it would take five weeks and it turned into 151 shows and two-and-a half years. Glen was such a compelling character and very authentic…We tried to make the film uplifting and entertaining as well as poignant,” Keach said of the filmmaking process.

Keach ended up with 1,200 hours of film and was faced with the task of whittling it down to movie length. He wanted to “stay true to Glen and stay true to the tour,” so he decided not to make a biopic. Some history is included for “people who didn’t know Glen in his heyday,” Keach said.

“It helps to have someone who’s been a superstar for the last 40 or 50 years, because there was all kinds of footage available,” Keach said. “That set up the beginning of the film where he’s watching family movies and asking his wife who different people are, including himself.”

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