Where Are My Boots? Alzheimer’s Disease

By Michael Ellenbogen, Special to Everyday Health

I have read so many stories about people living with dementia accusing their caregiver – make that “assistant” because I don’t like the term caregiver – of stealing their belongings.

As a person with dementia I was hoping I would never become one of those people (because I knew it could be very hurtful to those around me). However, as I continue to decline into this black hole that is Alzheimer’s disease, I find myself trying to analyze these things to see if there is any truth to them or it is simply a misunderstanding. As someone living with dementia, I am an ideal person to have examine these issues.

In the past year or so I have become very accusatory of my assistant/wife when I have not been able to locate something. In my mind, I know I had put something in a certain location and it was no longer there. Most of the time it turned out that I was right and my wife had moved it somewhere else, so only she could locate it. I have also been told that I overreact and am too quick to blame. That may be true; however, I am not sure why I cannot hold back those emotions and have more control. But the fact is I don’t, and it is not going to get better. It is more likely get worse as I see myself transforming into something I don’t want to become.

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