Dealing with Dementia: Coping with Challenging Behaviors

Caregivers are often frustrated when trying to care for people with challenging dementia related behaviors. As those we care for lose their abilities to think clearly, communicate, remember things, and take care of themselves, they can also experience mood swings and changes in temperament and behavior. Let’s take a closer look at the concept of “normal,” when it comes to dementia, along with a few valuable coping methods for elder caregivers.

About Behavioral Changes in Dementia

The fact is that there is no “normal” when it comes to dementia. Because dementia is a degenerative brain disease, its progress can result in a number of less than desirable behaviors that may be stressful for caregivers.

The fact is that you cannot change these behaviors, but you can try to understand them. Your loved one may be frustrated by the inability to express him/herself, or by another specific issue. If you can determine the reason for the behavior, you can adapt your responses and surrounding environment to promote better, more meaningful interactions.

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