Promising, New Alzheimer’s Drug To Enter Clinical Trials

A new drug developed at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom that might help to prevent early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and is about to enter clinical trials.

The number of individuals affected by dementia is constantly increasing. According to estimates, there are 850,000 cases in the United Kingdom currently, with estimates that the number of patients will reach more than a million by 2021. Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent cause of dementia. It occurs when the beta-amyloid protein forms senile plaques that clump together in the brain, causing damage to nerve cells and leading to confusion and memory loss.

Neuroscience Professor David Allsop along with Mark Taylor from the Faculty of Health and Medicine have advanced a new drug which has been shown in laboratory tests to reduce the amount of senile plaques, brain inflammation and oxidative damage linked to Alzheimer’s.

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