Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiving Can Be Trying

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a full time job, taking its toll on the Caregiver.

According to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, nearly 25 percent of America’s caregivers are adults aged 18 to 34, and more likely to be female than male.

Nearly half of caregivers provide 21 or more hours of care each week and report high emotional stress and financial strain. This stress, over time, can jeopardize the caregivers health.

So what can be done to ease the burden on the Caregiver:

* Advocate for better distribution of funds to alleviate the financial concerns
* Look for Caregiver support groups that are in the area that you live. Meeting with other caregivers helps caregivers to realize they are not alone in this
* Educate yourself on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s and the latest updates on clinical trials. Many organizations host educational seminars
for Caregivers.
* Give yourself a break. Ask a relative, neighbor, or close friend to give you a break to run errands or just relax for an afternoon. A little time to
yourself may be just want is needed.