Tips for Communicating with a Person with Alzheimer’s

Here are some communication tips that can help make the day a lot easier for the caregiver and the person with Alzheimer’s:

* Always approach a person with Alzheimer’s from the front. Do not come up from behind them. It is alarming to them.
* Look directly at the person and make sure you have their attention before speaking to them.
* Do not become frustrated with the person. If they see your frustration, they in turn will become frustrated and you will accomplish nothing.
* Don’t speak to the person like they are a child. Use your normal tone of voice, just like you are speaking to any other person.
* Remember it is the person’s “right now” memory that is gone, don’t use long sentences.
* If you want the person to go with you somewhere, it is easier if you take them by the hand and lead the way. Talk to them as you are walking so they
understand where you are leading them.
* Finally, smile a lot. This makes the Alzheimer’s person feel safe and happy and comfortable. A smile will go a long way to making the day a good one.