Dealing With the Stress of Alzheimer’s Disease

The reality that someone you care about has Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming and may trigger a range of emotions: anger, fear, frustration and sadness. Family conflicts are common as the family struggles to deal with the changes.

To minimize the stress, try dealing with the issues together.
There are many ways that family members can help.
Some may be better at dealing with the financial responsibilities.
Others may feel helpful with doing the household chores and errands.

It is best to communicate as a whole group on a regular basis. If meeting physically is not possible, try sending emails and including all that are involved in your loved ones care.

Be open to compromise and suggestions that other family members may have.
Remember there isn’t any right or wrong way, it is the way that best meets the needs of your family member.
Caring for your loved one and enjoying your time together is most important.