Do You Know the Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

How can you tell if you have early-onset Alzheimer’s disease?
There can be surprising systems and they don’t all involve memory problems:

* People’s ability to make decisions can be affected by the disease; unable to discern right from wrong
* Frequent falling. If you or someone you love is falling often, tell your doctor.
* Forgetting the function of objects: If you can’t remember where you put your keys, that is one thing- but if you can’t remember what the key is for, that
could be signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
* The inability to understand sarcasm. If you consistently don’t “get it” when someone is being sarcastic this could be a sign of atrophy in the brain
* Depression: If someone has never suffered from clinical depression in the course of their lives but develops it later in life this could be a sign of AD.
* Unfocused Staring: Unable to connect with what is happening around you and unable to make decisions. Essentially your brain becomes “unfocused”.

These symptoms may signal Alzheimer’s disease, but they could also be signs of another underlying condition. You should always make note of any of these symptoms and discuss them with your doctor.