Alzheimer’s Drug Trial Begins This Week

A major 18-month drug trial gets under way this week to see whether a blood pressure medication can slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

An Irish medical researcher, Prof. Brian Lawlor, is co-ordinating the international trial, Nilvad (nilvadipine in Alzheimer’s disease),
which involves nine countries. For more information click here….

New Findings on the Brain’s Immune Cells During Alzheimer’s Disease Progression

The plaque deposits in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients are surrounded by the brain’s own immune cells, the microglia.
This was already recognized by Alois Alzheimer more than one hundred years ago. But until today it still remains unclear what role microglia play in Alzheimer’s disease. Do they help to break down the plaque deposit? For more on this subject click here…